About Tarot

Forget the doom and gloom. Tarot readings and astrology are often misunderstood, erroneously equated with hocus pocus and the devil. Both have rich histories, each respectively supported by the archaeological and historical record, vivid in detail, stretching back thousands of years to Babylonian times (in the case of astrology) and likewise to the Italian Renaissance (in the case of tarot). I have found, in my own experience and personal studies with both that while the symbols shift and metamorphose over time in many cases, the general archetypes and meanings are the same, are timeless, and remain ever-powerful.

Tarot and astrology can be fun and enlightening, but they can also be piercingly deep. Usually, the people most uncomfortable with the latter are often the ones who arrive at the proverbial table laughing, thinking this kind of work belongs in an amusement park, next to the blinking carnival ride, and that it is probably ok for them to speak to readers improperly and treat us unprofessionally. These kinds of clients are usually the ones who are seldom ready for the messages they get and don’t know how to process any of it, so they retreat into denial, repeating the same patterns, over, and over, and over again.

Be sure that you want a reading, but more importantly, be open to new insights and metamorphosis within. If you are certain that you are ready for a reading, check out my consultations page and contact me here.