The study of astrology dates all the way back to the Babylonians and ancient Egyptians, who influenced the Hellenic peoples and later Romans (who each had their own systems of reading the sky). The study of astrology predates the study of many things, including but not limited to the thing we know as ‘science’. In fact, one could even make the argument that the study of astrology is what actually gave birth to science in the sense of it being a method of understanding (and knowing) things as facts. Long story, but it’s something that’s already being discussed and written about by serious academics focussed on Classical and ancient Near Eastern civilizations (I have references if anyone is interested).

Astrology is the real deal. Super interesting. Very complex.

Every natal chart is a snapshot of the ‘weather’ around and within someone at the time of their birth, but also forms the foundation of the dominant energies at play for the rest of their life. Give or take some ego and turbulence. We all have it. It’s just a matter of where it is located and how we can make the most of it or move beyond it.

Many people who get tarot readings are accustomed to seeking out alternative forms of feedback, esoterica, or natural healing aren’t familiar with astrology or what it can do for them. It has become, over the years, more prominent in my work as I find a certain pragmatism in the structure and reliability of the chart and its features that helps to ground other approaches like tarot. Tarot is wonderful but it can be sort of an abstract animal, a floating-in-the-ether-sort-of-thing, compared to astrology. That being said, getting a tarot reading without astrological input is still do-able, it’s just not as informed as it could be. There is so much more potential when we open up the elements with the stars!

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