Children and Past Lives?

A few days ago, I went to the beach with my daughter and had a very interesting experience that I would like to share here. I hope it might help some of you out there who have children and are wondering…

My daughter met a young boy at the beach that morning who was, by all accounts, a completely normal functioning child who was chatty and good-tempered. The kids played, the sound of the waves and the light of the morning sun made for a perfect day. There was a front-loader vehicle on the beach that day, and the kids wanted to go see it because it looked like a truck out of ‘Bob the Builder’ (American TV show). So we went, and they watched as it lifted a large piece of a tree that had washed up overnight, and moved it off the beach (the old tree itself was an omen as well, but more on that later).

The boy’s mother was just getting out of the water with her surfboard; when she approached, she set the board down and started taking her wetsuit off. While she did this, the boy (aged 3), stood on the surfboard and started telling me a story that immediately struck me as a past life event. I listened intently as he told me details of how he was:

“…in a trench with a lot of guys and we were being shot at… they were shooting at us… and then, I looked around, and everyone was dead. We were all dead. Then… a grandma came with her son and they picked me up and put me in a car.”

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Yeah. We all died,” he answered.

His mom must have noticed that he was telling me something strange because of the look on my face which was concentrated and a bit stunned. She approached me and said:

“Is he telling you stories?”


“Is there a lot of violence? He sometimes tells very violent stories… I don’t know why they’re so violent. Not really sure where it comes from.”

“Yeah. It was interesting,” I said. I proceeded to tell her everything he told me. She seemed a bit stunned as well at the graphic detail of what he said to me. I’m sure we were both thinking the same thing:


I mean, unless they’ve been exposed to some kind of environmental violence, or violent movies, etc., which I do not think was the case at all, judging by the type of parents they seem to be (attentive, caring, and kind).

The mother proceeded to tell me how her and her husband are baffled by his stories, they don’t understand where it’s all coming from, and would really like to figure it out.

Of course, as is natural for me, my immediate thought after her son told me his graphic and violent story was that he was obviously recalling something from ‘before.’ It seemed glaringly obvious to me on a logical level, but on a spiritual level I also physically felt the energy of it as he was speaking to me. It was the way he said it, the way he explained it – as one who was there, in the trenches with the other men, looking around and seeing all of them die. These are not typical thoughts for a three year old – however – this kind of phenomenon actually is normal for toddlers over 3, so don’t write it off (most people do, unfortunately). I’ll tell you why.

Because when we come in to this life, we cannot speak with words conversationally for at least the first two years, and it is around the age of three, when children who do have recollections of the past (not all of us do) do begin telling their ‘stories.’ It happens at or around 3 because that is when children can communicate at a relatively effective level thanks to having mastered several thousand words in the vocabulary of whatever their native language is.

I suggested to this mother, very hesitantly, as I am aware that people like me with opinions like mine are often regarded as fruity woo-woos, that perhaps this was a past life memory of her son’s. She was surprisingly open to the concept and then began to tell me a few things about her life and experiences with her son that started filling in the blanks energetically.

This experience reminded me also of the time a friend of mine told me that her youngest daughter was telling her extremely vivid ‘stories’, in graphic and sometimes morbid detail, of how she was in a fatal car accident. She said that she remembered how the accident happened, what color the car was, how painful it was, and she remembered her spirit floating up into the sky where she was able to see the crash scene below and watched as the emergency crews removed her lifeless (and apparently adult male) body from the car. My friend said that every time she talked about this story she was very sad and spoke of how regretful she was that she had left people behind. Keep in mind that her daughter was around 3 and 4 when she was saying these things, and that she was never once exposed to any kind of violence in the home environment, on TV, or elsewhere in any form.

So why is this important?

Because we live in a day and age where we are perceived as social ‘outsiders’ for daring to homeschool our children, or believing in the human right of freedom of choice over what quantity or type of vaccines to give your child (I am not an anti-vaxxer, but I do believe that people should have the right to choose), for letting our children choose who they want to hug, for not forcing our children to interact with other people they don’t feel comfortable with. We are told that when we are sad, we must have a condition; and that condition can be easily treated with medication, and there is a company for that, and if not that, that our sadness is self-inflicted, perhaps we are not mindful enough, not good enough at the work-life balance thing, or not driven enough, or that we are… etc. There are so many horror stories out there about how parents hear or see something ‘off’ with their kid and immediately it’s off to the doc to find a diagnosis or a condition easily treatable with the right amount of prescription meds. It breaks my heart that kids are not allowed to just be themselves, to be children who tell stories and run around and get loud and do what kids do. I’m not saying that there aren’t kids out there who have real issues (like schizophrenia, for example) – there are, and they need medical attention in some cases. What I am saying, is that we need to understand that part of being ‘whole’ is being spiritual, or at least being open to the fact that there are other things going on underneath our everyday perceptions of what is, and that it is ok to entertain possibilities that others around us might deem silly or worthless.

It needs to go on record – for the record – that kids who tell stories like this are not necessarily making things up, and should be listened to in seriousness and respected emotionally. If your child is coming in with some baggage from ‘before,’ they will probably let you know, but you have to be ready and willing to listen.

What can you do to figure out if your child is remembering the past?

  1. Write it down. Write them all down. All the stories, all the comments, all the names of ‘friends’ they mention, all of it. Write it all down and keep writing it all down until they don’t talk about it anymore.
  2. But also talk to them about it. When they are telling you stories that you suspect might be past life recollections, ask them about it. Ask them for details, names, what was it like? How did it feel? Where did this happen? What were you wearing? And write all that down as well. Of course, if they feel uncomfortable talking to you about any of this, don’t pressure them. Just drop it.
  3. Go back and re-read everything you wrote. Are there any recurring stories? Do the details change or remain the same over time? Chances are, if you have recurring stories and a lot of them with a very similar theme or any other points of connection, you probably have a child on your hands who has come in with some very vivid memories of what happened before. And that is ok. In fact, it is more than ok. It’s fascinating. Taking your child seriously this way might even help them work through some of the unprocessed feelings they came in with.

If you are like I was, way back when I was in my early twenties, psychologically emerging out of a fundamentalist Christian upbringing and struggling to understand why anyone in their right mind would believe in fruity woo-woo stuff like past lives, check out a book called Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives. I think you will find, as I did, a very interesting and convincing case for the probability of past-lives actually being a thing. I never used to think it was a thing, but after reading that book and having some of my own interesting experiences over the years, I do now think it is a thing lol.

What are your thoughts?

***If you’re someone who would like clarity for yourself or another’s experience with this, you can book a general consult with me and we can go over all things past-life-related via tarot and some in astrology (believe it or not, your birth chart actually holds clues to some of this as well).

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