If you are not yet decided on whether or not you want or need a consult, please read my posts about tarot and astrology. When you have finished reading those sections and have decided that a reading is right for you, please read the section below in order to determine which reading is the best fit for your needs. After you make your decision, send me a message via the contact form on this site and I will respond as soon as possible.


Consultations via Phone or Skype/Zoom

15 minutes: $20

30 minutes: $40

45 minutes: $60

60 minutes: $80

90 minutes: $120

120 minutes: $160


Consultations (via Phone or Skype)

In general, I do four types of consultations: astrology, tarot, psychic mediumship, and sacred space. If you are not sure what kind of consultation you need, take a look at some examples listed below. Contact me here and I will respond within 48 hours in order to set up a time and date. All of my consults (with the exception of sacred space) follow the pricing for tarot listed above.

General Astrology Consult

This kind of reading is a good option for those who are interested in astrology but don’t know anything about their own natal chart. It consists of a general check-in that ascertains the current ‘weather’ in your personal natal chart, and explores whatever issues are of most importance or concern to you, with the aim of providing tools to go forward with a clearer understanding of the dynamics at play and how to navigate them. This reading is completely customizable, so if you are only interested in exploring one or two very specific things, such as the timing of an upcoming event (eg. weddings, job interview, etc.), that is also do-able.

Recommended Consult: 30-45 minutes

Challenges Consult

In this special consult, we will focus on your greatest challenges (literally, that which is challenging you the most in your life), how to overcome them and make them work for you. In this reading, I zero-in on certain areas within your chart that are ‘keys’ to unlocking hitherto unknown potential in the realms of most concern to you. You do not need to know anything about astrology for this reading. What you do need is honesty – mostly with yourself, as we will be discussing your greatest challenges. Though this reading consists of astrology, tarot can be used in conjunction at certain intervals.

Recommended Consult: 60-120 minutes

Career Consult

Are you destined for a certain line of work? Not sure what you should be doing with your life or why certain things haven’t been working out? In this reading we will go over all things career-related and zoom into certain areas of your chart that cover wealth generation, natal wealth prospects, advantages, challenges, how to best channel your passion and transmute challenges into a success that feels right to you.

Recommended Consult: 60-120 minutes

Child’s Chart Consult

This is a good option for people who have either just had a baby, have children who are past the infant/toddler stage, or are now grown. Some parents struggle with the developing personalities and quirks of their children, not knowing that there are ways to understand them better (via their chart aspects and planetary placements) that can lead to forming stronger bonds and positive, enriching, and healthy supportive relationships with their children that will last a lifetime.

Recommended Consult: 60-120 minutes

Soulmate / Synastry Consultation

A good option for anyone seeking clarity around the dynamics of a current, past, or possible future relationship. ‘Relationship’ is broad, so this works for any kind of connection (sexual, plutonic, work-related, parent-child, etc.).

Recommended Consult: 90-120 minutes

Sacred Space Consultation 

This kind of consultation is good for anyone who wants to understand the energetic dynamics of the space(s) of most concern and how to improve them. Anyone with any size or type of space is welcome to inquire!

*Consult time includes chart reading but may vary as it is dependent upon size and location of space.

Gift Certificates

If you would like to gift a consult to someone, get in touch with me via the contact form on this site.

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